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Meet Zonkey. He is a 4-5 year old gelding. He is learning to trust people and is super sweet once he knows your agenda. He is a standard donkey with lots of leg barring. He is NOT a zonkey. He is good with jennies, mares and geldings. He is lower in the pecking order but is food aggressive with feed (not hay). So far that is the only time everyone would have to approach with caution. He respects fences.  He is learning about haltering and leading currently, as well as handling.

*His adoption fee is $375*


Olive is a 6-7 year old an untouchable standard jennet.  She came in pregnant, and unfortunately delivered a stillborn little boy.

*She is being sponsored by Christi Wagner*
*Her adoption fee will be $375*
*If you'd like to sponsor a donkey please send us an email.*


Meet Aspen, she is a mini donkey that you can lead small children on. She is 11 years old. She would love to find a FOREVER home to be loved on. She is current on all vaccines, worming and farrier care and coggins.

*Adoption fee is $375*


Meet Galaxy. She is learning about boundaries and manners. She is STUNNINGLY colored. She is enjoying life here at the rescue. She had an adorable foal named Nova which is available for adoption as well. 

*Her adoption is on hold-she has just started showing signs she is pregnant*

****All donkeys come in pregnant- WE DO NOT BREED****


Meet Nova. She is so sweet she will make your teeth hurt! She is  yearling who loves everyone! She is learning to lead and handle her feet. Lordy, She has the EARS! She is available for adoption. She is halter broke and picks up all 4 feet. 

This girl has it all!! Looks, personality, and LOVES people!
*Her adoption fee is $450*


Meet Jocelyn. She is a beautiful cherry red roan and she is very friendly and very happy girl now that she is here at the rescue. She loves people and is very food motivated (not that you couldn't tell). She is learning about leading and handling her feet safely. She is an easy keeper and is very cresty. She will always need weight management. 

**Not available for adoption showing signs she may be pregnant.**


Jumpin' Jubilee

Jumpin' Jubilee! She is a STOUT large standard. She is a yearling and a LUV BUG! She handles all 4 feet safely and is broke to lead.  She is current on all vaccines and is available for adoption! Don't miss out on a great jenny!  

*Her adoption fee is $450*


He is a tall drink of water! He is about 7 months old and built like a thoroughbred! He is learning that all humans are not bad. He will come up to me now and stand about 10 feet away. He is still untouchable but that is changing...slow but sure! He will be available for adoption once he is able to be handled safely and broke to lead.

*His adoption fee is $425*


He is a super friendly youngster who is a long yearling that halter broke and he picks up all 4 feet safely and loves to be scratched. He will be a nice size when fully grown. This guy is awesome! 

*His adoption fee is $425


Meet Gucci.  She is beautiful, unique and stunning all in one. She is super friendly.  She is halter broke and picks up all 4 of her feet like a lady. She is current on vaccinations, worming, farrier care. 

*She adoption fee is $375*


Meet Dunkin. He is a 13 year old big mini donkey who was an owner relinquish. He has never known abuse. He is current on vaccines, coggins, worming and current on farrier care. 

He is easy to handle but is unsure about being caught. He has been running with cattle most of his life. He is NOT going to be a guardian. Once penned, he is fine with being caught. He is available for adoption now! We let him out into our yard and he is like the family dog. LOL He doesn't leave the yard and he doesn't go into our garden. He is really a goofy guy. 

*His adoption fee is $375.*


Meet Daisy. She is a lover!! She will come up and want attention. She loves to give big kisses on your cheek. She is still a little shy if you move to fast but she is halter broke and picks up all 4 feet as long as you go slow. This girl is one of my personal favorites. If we didn't have the high number of donkeys here....she would stay! She is looking for her perfect family who is kind, patient and loves to laugh. She will melt your heart. 

*Her adoption fee is $375*


Meet sweet Sammy! He is shy at first but warms up quick.He is about 7-8 years old. He is a nice solid standard donkey. He is very shy to catch but once caught he leads and does pick up all 4 feet as long as you are patient and go slow. This guy has seen some abuse in his past but he has settled in nicely and growing more confident every day. 

*His adoption fee is $375*


Meet Alvin. He is just a baby! He is about 2 years old and in your pocket! He is very friendly and easy to get a long with. He loves EVERYONE. He is a gelding and current on vaccines, worming, farrier care and coggins. He picks up all 4 of his feet and is halter broke. This guy is a GOOF! He is fun to watch his antics in the field. 

*His adoption fee is $425*


Meet Prima. She was rescued with 20 other donkeys back in June (12 went to TMR in Texas). She is super friendly as long as she knows you. She had a foal and she will be available in November.  She is halter broke and will pick up all 4 feet but both usually require patience. Here color is a stunning slate grey with very dark markings.  (She is one of my personal favorites!)

*Her adoption fee is $375*


Meet Gabby. She is a chunky big mini that can be shy. She is about 4 years old and as cute as they come. She is easy to work around and she is halter broke and pics up all 4 feet safely. Super sweet girl. 

*Her adoption fee is $375*


Meet Archer. He is a 11-12 month old gelding who is super friendly. He will catch you in the pasture. He is UNIQUELY marked. He has what they call the extreme dun factor. That is the dark spot on his side. He is halter broke and you can handle all 4 feet safely. He is current on all vaccines, worming, farrier care and coggins. 

*His adoption fee is $500*


Meet Fabio. He is 10 months old. He has as much personality as he does hair. He is just the sweetest boy. He will lead and pick up all 4 of his feet safely.  He is current on all vaccines, coggins, farrier care, and wormings. He will be ready for his FURR-ever home at the end of April. For more picture or videos please email us about Fabio. 

*His adoption fee is $500*


Meet Blizzard.

He is a 6 month old that is full of personality. He is halter broke and you can handle all 4 feet safely as long as you are patient since he is just learning. He is current on all vaccines, worming, farrier care and coggins. He will be gelded next week and after he heals he will be available for adoption. This guy is super friendly and wants attention. 


*His adoption fee is $500*


Meet Flurry! He is between 6-8 months old (doesn’t have the 6-9 month old teeth yet). He came Saturday very skittish of people and very poor feet. He is halter broke and picks up all 4 feet. He is still shy but has warmed up as long as he feels safe.  He is one cute boy. He is current on all vaccines, wormer, and farrier care.  He is a great match to our little guy Blizzard! What a driving team they can make. Both boys are the same age and size and color!! Click on the link to see a video of Flurry.

***His adoption fee is $550***


Meet Gizmo. He is a coming on 2 years old. He is very shy still. He arrived very terrified of humans with kicking as the first line of defense. He no longer strikes out at people and is halter broke fairly well and pics up all 4 feet as long as you slow and patient. He stands tied. He is current on all vaccines, worming, farrier care and coggins.

He is available for adoption to an experienced and patient home only. He will thrive in an environment where he will get more 1 on 1 time with people. He is NOT for children at this point in time.
He loves to play with a ball, rubber feed tub or even a rope! He is a goofball to watch. His adoption fee is $375


Meet Mia. She is a smaller standard who is approximately 3-4 years old. She is a friendly donkey who is easy to be around. She enjoys being brushed. She prefers a quiet environment with older children (teens and up). She is just unsure about little kids and their amazing abilities to move quickly). She is good about her feet. She is current on all vaccines, worming, farrier care and coggins.


This girl is stunning when she is shed out!! Beautiful for sure!!

***Her adoption fee is $375***


Meet Bashful. She is a 3 years old standard jenny. She is friendly, easy to catch and is loving people more and more. She is easy to get along with and to work around. She is good natured in the herd as well. She is halter broke and pics up all 4 feet as long as you are patient. 

***Her adoption fee is $425***


Meet Parker. He is Prima's baby boy that was born on Mother's Day. He is super independent and commands attention. He loves everyone and loves to play with the jolly ball or any other thing he can get his mouth on. He is halter broke and pics up all 4 feet safely.  

Ready Fall 18'


Meet Kiwi. She is a 6 year old NLP jenny. She is BEAUTIFUL! Wait until she sheds out...Stunning is what she is. She is hard to catch. She would flourish in a home where she would get more attention than she does here at the rescue. She is halter broke and picks up all 4 feet safely. She also stands ties. She is available for adoption.

**Her adoption fee is $400** 

Meet Pippi.


(Companion Only)


Pippi would thrive with one on one attention. If you aren't able to ride anymore but miss the sweet smell and love from a horse please consider Pippi.


This girl is sweet. She is about 13-15 years old. She needed chiropractic care so she went to Dr. Randy 2 weeks ago (a vet local to Deanna King since that is where she is for evaluation). She was so much better after the adjustment. She will go back in 14 days for another chiropractic appointment as well as a dental.



She leads, loads and fly sprays.

She is 15.1 or so and is sound as far as we know. She shows no lameness. All pre-purchase vet checks are welcome and encouraged at adopter’s expense. We do not know much about her and she would benefit from a patient and understanding and light handed person. She has had a rough life and would love to be loved on!!


She is current on wormings, farrier care, coggins, and vaccines.


Her adoption fee is $350 with an APPROVED application.


Meet Chico!

He is one great little guy who handles the best! He loves people and picks up all 4 feet safely. He stands tied and LOVES treats. If your looking for a donkey to love on and be your next long-eared pal...Chico is it.
He is a 16 year old gelding that is current on all vaccines, worming, farrier care and coggins.

***His adoption fee is $425***


Meet Dopey!! He is one of the Nebraska 7 we rescued a while back. He is 12 months old. He is a smaller standard gelding. He is super adorable and loves people. He is halter broke and pick up all 4 feet safely. He is a lover for sure. He requires lots of love because he won't let you get away without it.. LOL

He is current on all vaccines, worming, farrier care and coggins.

***His adoption fee is $425.***


Meet Glory. She is coming 2 years old. She is shy with strangers but warms up quickly. She has Buster, the mini, as a best friend. Glory is halter broke, you can pick up all 4 feet as long as your patient. She body clips without an issue as well. She has lips like a camel and she enjoys giving kisses. She was born with front crooked legs but has had procedures done on both to correct it as much as we can. Her right front is still crooked but it does not effect her. She runs, plays and enjoys life just like any other normal donkey. She is a hoot once she trusts you.

*Her adoption fee is $325*

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