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How to Adopt

Many of the rescues at T&D Donkey Rescue are available for adoption to a loving home with an approved application. Adopting a rescued equine can be an incredibly rewarding experience as you gift that equine with a second chance at life and, in return, you gain a wonderful new relationship and many lasting memories. 

How do I adopt? 

The adoption process is split into four simple steps:

  • Step 1 - An adoption application is completed.

  • Step 2 - The adoption application will be sent to the board for review.

  • Step 3 - An Adoption Agreement is signed indicating that the new adoptive owner understands their responsibilities and our continued involvement in the equine's life. 


  • Step 4 - Schedule an appointment to come meet the equine. An appropriate "match" is then made between the equine and new adoptive owner to provide the highest chances for success. Please bring the Adoption Agreement filled out and notarized with you to the appointment.

    (Please note: Equine will only be adopted out to homes where they will be provided with a companion, such as another horse, mule or donkey.)

What is your adoption fee?

Our adoption fees vary from $600 and up depending on the training levels and ages of the equine. Your adoption fee is not only going save one life but another life as well. Our available equine are up to date vaccines, coggins, deworming,  farrier care, and dentals to insure you are getting a healthy animal. THERE IS A $25 APPLICATION FEE DUE VIA PAYPAL to TO BE CONSIDERED.


WE ALSO TAKE CHECKS payable to and mailed

T&D Donkey Rescue

500 NW 110th Lane

Liberal, Missouri 64762



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