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Updated video of Jazzy in her new home. We couldn't be happier here at the rescue. 

Pebbles, Pixie, Frankie and Jasper are adopted!

Congratulations to Steve and Shelia on their new expanded family. We are so happy for Pebbles, Pixie, Jasper, and Frankie.  

Tefiti, Asher, Blue, and Eragon

Tefiti finally went to her new furever home with her foal, Asher, today!! They also adopted Blue, who is a 16 year old previously foundered mini horse and Eragon the Arabian. Congratulations to Laurel McCleary Stebbins!

Rosemary and Bug

Congratulations to Rosemary and Bug's new forever family.   


Congratulations to her new family! 

Snickers and Luna

Snickers and Luna are ADOPTED!! They now have a family of their own ! Congratulations Andrea Gresnick and family!

Sir Pickles

Sir Pickles is ADOPTED! He is not ready to leave yet. Sir Pickles will be going home to live with Bear! So he will have another young donkey companion to wrestle and play with!! We are very happy for Kerry and Sir Pickles!

Oreo and Dewey

Oreo and Dewey are ADOPTED!!! We are super happy for the donkeys and their new family!! Congratulations.

The gentleman does not want his face on face book or social media and we respect that. I wish I could have shared his mile wide smile!!

Toffee & Dilly

Toffee and Dilly are adopted!! We are so happy for them and their new family! They will be spoiled and loved!


Callie had been adopted by her TIP trainer that we sent her to! We are so happy for Callie and Diana!


Tears of joy are all we can have for Champ. He has endured so much and asks so little. The pain and suffering he endured was needless. But now his future is bright and he has a big family that will love him, brush him and spend time with him. He has a horse and 2 llamas as companions. He is cherished!


Zack is an awesome volunteer here at T&D Donkey Rescue and he helps us out 3 days a week (and then some!) He loves all of the donkeys and really enjoys working with them. Zack has spent countless hours handling them, loving on them, teaching them to lead, and helping them be ready for adoption. Zack is always wanting to learn more here at the rescue and is just an all-around great kid. He is always saying how he wants to have one of his own. I wanted to share that little Ollie now has his forever home and Zack finally has a donkey to call his very own. Congratulations to Zack and Ollie! We look forward to seeing you both in parades in the future! Thank you Geraldine for making great things happen!

Ricochet and Einstein

UPDATE on Ricochet and Einstein! They are happy and are loved in their forever home! They were adopted from us back in the spring. Thank you Torrey for the updated pictures!

Pockets and Tessa

Pockets and Tessa at their new home. What an exciting life they will have with the 5 pet goats and 2 dedicated owners! They are like their children! We look forward to sharing their updates! Congrats David and Deb Danielson

Carolina and Cowboy

Carolina and Cowboy are ADOPTED! They are headed to the great state of Kansas! We are so happy for them and their new family! Congrats to Linda and Marvin!!


Update on Bunji: He is doing great and she is even riding him now! We are so happy for them. Thanks Angie!


Flash came into this rescue untouchable and a kicking fool. After a trip to the vet to get gelded and some time to watch that humans aren't monsters, he became a pocket donkey. He was the "helper" in the pasture and always by your side every step of the way. He grew to prefer humans over other equine. He was adopted to a woman who has dreamt of owning a donkey her whole life. He has a horsey brother and some tiny humans to love on him as well.

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